Painting Wild Landscapes In Watercolour || David Bellamy

David Bellamy is best known for teaching and painting in some of the most inaccessible places and there are many people who do not have either the stamina or, perhaps, the will to keep up with him. This book provides an insight into David’s working methods for them as well as a further “fix” for his many fans.

This book covers ground that David has already visited in Painting in the Wild, but brings the story a bit more up to date and includes more recent paintings. It is interesting to note that many of these include oases of calm which used not to be there and indicate a slightly less frantic approach which some readers may welcome. A double-page spread of the Matterhorn is a case in point, where the jagged peak rises against a dramatic sky (one of David’s trademarks) from a verdant meadow complete with a still lake and even a couple of grazing deer.

David’s travels here take him around the British Isles as well as to other parts of the world and he explains his working methods and techniques for painting many different types of subjects as he goes so that the book is entertaining as well as instructional.

The book is packed with David’s paintings, both the large-scale and dramatic and also smaller details which concentrate on specific areas of technique as well as by-the-way observations and sketches. Although they are generally well reproduced, a few have the hallmarks of having been taken from perhaps less than adequate transparencies and one wonders whether the art editor shouldn’t perhaps have rejected them. But that’s a minor quibble.

Year published: 2005
List price: £17.99

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