Line & Wash: Watercolour & Pen Techniques || Wendy Jelbert

Another in a series of larger-format reprints of earlier books from Search Press, this is very much classic Wendy Jelbert. Best-known and justly popular for her mixed-media work, Wendy shows here how the medium can be applied to just about any subject.

Once again, there are only 48 pages, so there’s no time for messing about. Basically, pen and wash is a very good way of giving bite to a sketch and Wendy will show you how to portray landscapes, flowers, trees and buildings by using watercolour washes combined with subtle pen strokes that harden up the outlines.

A surprisingly thorough introduction to inks, pens and a variety of other drawing media including felt-tips and ball-points leads to a look at methods of using them and a series of simple sketches which demonstrate in a very practical way the various marks and mark-making techniques you need to be familiar with. From here, some simple studies then progress to more ambitious compositions as your skills develop.

Once again, this is very much a book for the beginner who is looking for an introduction to a specific technique, but one which should also answers most of the questions that beginner will have.

Year published: 2006 (originally published 1997)
List Price: £7.99

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