Giovanni Civardi’s Complete Guide To Drawing || Giovanni Civardi

This is a bind-up of all of the Giovanni Civardi books previously published by Search Press. As such, it’s a substantial guide to drawing mostly figures and anatomy, but with a chapter on scenery thrown in. 376 pages for £20 is not bad value at all, although you might find that, as a paperback, it takes a bit of a battering, because this is more of a book to dip into than one to follow right through as a course.

The author’s style is perhaps a bit old-fashioned and you won’t find anything startlingly new or avant-garde here, but, equally, you may not regard this is as a criticism, nor is it meant as such. Giovanni is nothing if not thorough and he explains things like perspective, shading, hatching, form and proportion with admirable clarity. Every page is filled with sensitive drawings, mostly in pencil, which you can copy or emulate.

This is not really a completely complete guide to drawing and, if you want a more structured course, you’re probably best off looking elsewhere. However, if your interests are mainly figurative, then you could pick up a lot of ideas and techniques from it.

First published 2006

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