Tile Artists Bible || Jacqui Atkin

Quarto, the book packagers, have hit on a winning formula with this pocket-sized series with its spiral binding that allows it to lay flat in use and simple layouts that occupy no more than one or two pages at a time so that you really can work with it open at your side.

What you get here is a series of 200 decorative designs with easy-to-follow instructions on how to manufacture them and then also how to lay the tiles so as to make up a larger image. Experienced workers will probably turn the pages fairly quickly, muttering darkly about what Basil Fawlty would refer to as “the bleedin’ obvious” but, with so much variety, I’m prepared to bet that anyone looking at this book is going to come away with at least one new idea that could justify the not-unreasonable purchase price. Those new to the craft will appreciate the simple approach and the sheer volume of ideas that are bound to prove inspiring.

First published 2007


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