Design Sourcebooks

The clever thing about these little books is their simplicity. In a project meeting, it would be all too easy to take the basic idea and augment the hell out of it until it became far too big to support its own weight and collapsed under the strain. I mean, there are just so many things you can add to them: techniques, materials, practices and working methods, projects, methods and materials, works in progress, what other people have done… Heck, there’s a ten or twenty quid book in every subject.

But no. Oh bliss, oh rapture, they sat on their hands and just stuck with what you get here: 48 pages of outline designs you can copy onto any material and do what you like with. All those things I said above? You can still do them. All for yourself and for only a fiver, which is about as cheap as it gets these days.

There are loads of titles and they’re adding to them all the time. You can’t review them individually because it’s the concept, not the content, that matters. If you paint, sew, do miniatures or murals, the idea adapts perfectly.

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£4.99 each

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