Sculpting In Wood || Peter Clothier

Wood sculptures are always attractive and we all get those, “I wish I could do that” moments. The big advantage of wood as a medium is that you’ll probably have a lot of the tools already and most of the others can be obtained readily at a DIY shop.

Peter Clothier begins with the basics, explaining how to make maquettes, where to find suitable wood (bought or found) and how to handle and maintain tools. This is sufficiently thorough that the book is half way through before you get to the projects. Normally, this would be a worry, but the in-depth approach of the early sections will prove invaluable later on and isn’t, like some other arts and crafts, widely covered elsewhere. There are four of these projects (a dancer, a rabbit, a shark and a tiger) which show different tools, techniques and materials in practice and which together make up an excellent primer.

Assuming that you are new to wood sculpting, this is a book which should enable you to get started and make worthwhile progress without being so complex as to put you off. Yes, a large degree of work and application will be required, but Black’s don’t do books for the dilettante, so stick with it and be rewarded.

A&C Black 2007

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