Celtic Fantasty In Watercolour || Stuart Littlejohn

Search Press are quietly building up an excellent little series on practical fantasy art. I have to admit that, were someone to start a Society For The Suppression of Fantasy Art, I’d be one of its first members, so you’ll gather that I’m not a fan of the finished results!

However, you get a lot for your money in these books and a lot that you can apply elsewhere. The one and two page sections here on faces, hair, clothes and ornaments can be just as well be applied to a fantasy-free zone and the technical instructions for painting a fairy waterfall are among the best and most comprehensive I’ve seen (and yes, it is the only demonstration of a fairy waterfall I’ve seen, but trust me).

This is well done, in terms of the writing and the artwork as well as the production and worth a look whether you’re with me on the subject matter or not.

Search Press 2008


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