The Complete Drawing Course || John Raynes

John Raynes is an experienced artist and has written a great many books, all of them deservedly well-received and this paperback reissue of one which first appeared in 2002 is timely and welcome.

There are many drawing courses and the buyer can afford to pick and choose. Most of them are good and many are excellent, so which one you buy will largely depend on your preference of author. John Raynes has a slightly loose style that looks relaxed and easy but is, in fact, the result of a great deal of painstaking work. Usually, work like this results in drawings that are quite tight and photo-realistic, but John always retains the quality of a sketch that makes his work easy on the eye if, perhaps, difficult to emulate.

The book consists of a series of step-by-step demonstrations of just about any subject you could want to draw and is divided into sections that group form and volume, perspective, structure and texture as well as subject types: still lifes, landscapes, buildings and portraits. There’s a lot here and you can either follow it in a logical progress or dip in and practise specific items depending on your mood and level of ability. Any book by John Raynes has the air of a masterclass, so there’s something here that will appeal pretty much to everyone.

Batsford reissued 2008

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