Watercolour Flowers: Ready To Paint || Wendy Tait

The Ready to Paint series comprises a number of painting projects, each described in some detail and including an outline sketch printed on tracing paper that allows the beginner to start with the basic drawing already done for them. Broadly speaking, this is a grown-up form of painting by numbers and, as a method of instruction, one has to have certain reservations. However, the fact remains that, if you’re let down by your drawing skills, then this allows you to progress to the stage of working with colour without falling at the first hurdle. It needs to be said that you will have, at some point, to acquire some skill in drawing as otherwise you’ll be condemned to copying forever.

As a basic introduction flower painting, even without the printed outlines, this can’t be faulted and Wendy Tait is an experienced and capable teacher who has the ability to take you far beyond the scope of the book. If you like the outlines idea (and it has quite an honourable history), this is the book for you. If you don’t, but you still want to paint flowers, buy the book anyway; just tear out the tracing paper pages and hide them behind the sofa.

Search Press 2008

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