Painting The Warmth Of The Sun: St Ives Artists 1939-1975 || Tom Cross

When this book was first published in 1984, the artists of the St Ives colony were largely disregarded and little was generally known about what is now seen as one of the major movements in the recent history of British art. The change over the intervening 24 years has brought the opening of Tate St Ives and a much wider appreciation of the many artists who made the move to Cornwall.

The result is that what was, on first publication, a pioneering book has now become almost a standard work and one which deserves to be in great demand. Extensive in its coverage and generously illustrated, with a very good amount of colour, Tom Cross’s work in no way betrays its age and sits well beside its sister publication, The Shining Sands, which
covers the period from 1880 – 1930. Together, the two books provide a continuous history of painting and sculpture in the South West from the very beginnings almost to the present day.

Both books are serious histories and this one has the added advantage of interviews and conversations with artists, many of whole are sadly no longer alive. Both should have a place in the library of any serious student or collector of British art.

Halsgrove 1984, revised reissue 2008

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