How to Draw & Paint Fairyland || Linda Ravenscroft

Fantasy art tends to get quite specific and you’ll often find yourself having to make sure you get just the right variety of dragon or dwarf if you don’t want the world to laugh at you.

OK, I’m being unfair, but not as much (if you’re a general reader) as you might think. So, this quite substantial volume offers a good variety of subject matter and pulls together figures, landscapes and buildings so that you can create a complete world without having to refer to a dozen or more different titles.

The result is a consistency of style that’s very welcome and it does have to be said that the results are really rather charming. I’ve remarked elsewhere that I have a specific allergy to fantasy art, but this has won me over. The fairies aren’t too cute, the flowers and plants in the background have a firm basis in reality and the buildings (castles, for the most part) are pretty much architecturally sound. A building inspector would condemn any house built in a toadstool, but that’s building inspectors for you; lighten up guys, fairies have no weight so floor loadings just don’t apply!

Anything like this has a particular market but work with Linda and you should be able to produce results that appeal to a more general audience. The instructions and demonstrations are first class, too.

Search Press 2008

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