Draw Sci Fi || Gecko Keck

It’s always good to see niche markets catered for and often surprising to find that they aren’t quite such a small niche as you originally thought. Science fiction, of course, has a wide following and it’s pretty much a certainty that some of this is in the art field and that there must be people who want to draw aliens, robots and cyborgs.

If you detect a slight tone of amusement there, it’s entirely deliberate, but I won’t mock because this is a popular field and the literature and art of science fiction are, in truth, of the highest quality. And so is this book, which is excellently written, laid out and illustrated. If this is what you want to do, I can’t see that you’ll be disappointed, though I do suspect that you’ll be wanting the author to produce something larger. Buy this in enough quantity and he probably will.


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