Airbrushing Techniques || Roland Kuck

The airbrush has been rather elbowed out by computer graphic techniques lately, but this is a timely reminder that the medium has rather more painterly qualities than pure technology can provide. This new book packs a lot into its 144 pages and, necessarily therefore, skates over a certain amount.

Although it’s intended to appeal to beginners as well as the more experienced artist, I can’t help feeling that a complete tyro would do well to seek out something a little more basic to begin with. Although types of gun and basic techniques are covered, there’s no real disguising that this quickly develops into something of a masterclass, with a series of demonstrations that make heavy demands on your technical ability.

None of this is to say that this isn’t a hugely worthwhile book, and it’s also true that the airbrush is a difficult tool to learn and handle, albeit one which repays study and diligence. The accompanying DVD features all the six demonstrations and goes a long way to helping you follow what’s going on.

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