Draw Flowers || Anne Pieper

Well, I think we have here no less than the ideal primer for the budding flower artist. You might be forgiven for thinking, “well, it can’t be the first, can it?”, but I’m struggling to think of any others. There have been quite a few introductions to painting flowers, but something which starts with the absolute fundamentals? – I’m not so sure.

Based around 16 projects and an admirably wide variety of flower types using pencils, pastels, crayons and charcoal this rather excellent little book deals with basic shapes as well as colours and techniques for portraying all the different elements that go to make up a flower: leaves, petals, stems, centres.

Anne has applied a light touch to the amount of detail she shows, but this doesn’t mean the book is superficial or that it leaves you wanting more. She’s hit the balance spot on so that you’ll get pretty much all you want without feeling overwhelmed. Because the coverage is so comprehensive, I’d suggest that, if what you really want to do is paint flowers, all you need to add is the specific technical aspects for your chosen medium.


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