Color Harmonies – paint watercolors filled with light || Rose Edin & Dee Jepsen

“Don’t settle for colours that just sit there. Inspired by the work of the great Impressionists, Color Harmonies shows you how to use analagous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel) and their complements to achieve lively, glowing effects.”

This is a book that pretty much describes itself, even if the jacket blurb appears to have been written in an obscure dialect that only bears a passing appearance of being English.

The principle of colour harmony, that is to say, using colours that sit well together, is one of the basic principles of painting and is a lot older than Impressionism. I’m always suspicious of books that liken themselves to the Impressionists because they’re taking one of the most influential art movements of all and trying to give themselves greatness by association. Sorry guys, just do it well and let others make the comparison.

OK, so having got that off my chest, I’m pleased to say that whoever wrote the blurb didn’t also write the book, which explains basic colour theory in a way that the artist rather than the physicist will understand. Follow the authors through a series of examples, sample colour swatches and demonstrations and you’ll find you have a good grounding in the way colour works on the palette and on paper and paintings that have a serenity and an appeal.

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