Copyright Law for Artists, Photographers and Designers || Gillian Davies

There has long been a need for a concise guide to copyright, the problem being, of course, that this is a complex area of law (what isn’t?) and one which the blurb commendably admits is “a grey area”.

One should therefore, I think, temper any review with a word of caution and that’s, “don’t believe anything until it’s been proved in court”. However, there are some basic principles that will help you maximise your earnings as well as avoid the obvious pitfalls and that’s where this admirably concise guide comes in, dispelling many myths and providing a basic list of do’s and don’ts.

The information that comes with it says that the author, “has worked as a legal editor for 15 years and is also a fine artist and printmaker”. No legal qualifications are mentioned, so we’re going to have to take what she says on trust, but Black’s are a reputable publisher and a bit of research reveals that this is by no means her first book, so I think this is pretty much a formality.

Most amateur artists are never going to have to venture into the minefield that is the law but, if you’re working professionally, your fifteen quid could be a good investment.

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