Introducing Pottery – the complete guide || Dan Rhode

Well, the title is nothing if not a bold claim and 160 pages isn’t much to cover a subject that could make an encyclopaedia look concise.

In spite of that, it’s impressive just how much is covered and the logical progression as well as the number, variety and quality of the illustrations all contribute to the sense that this is going to be pretty thoroughly authoritative. Dan Rhode is an experienced teacher and practitioner and it’s pretty clear that he knows his stuff.

If you’re just starting out in ceramics, then there’s a lot of the very basic stuff that this isn’t going to tell you, but you can get that elsewhere. Even so, as a guide to where you can get to and what you need to be looking out for, it’s invaluable. If you already have an interest and some experience, then I suspect it’s something that’ll provide an invaluable overview that a whole shelf-full of more detailed guides won’t really cover.

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