Drawing: Complete Question & Answer Handbook || Trudy Friend

Trudy Friend has pretty much made the question and answer format her own and wisely avoids the “this isn’t the way to do it” illustrations that rather bedevil other manifestations. These always look forced and never like something that even a complete novice would come up with.

Trudy also manages to answer questions that sound like real life, rather than something constructed to fit round a set of demonstrations she’d prepared earlier. Thus we have, “Can you demonstrate the difference between a line drawing, a line and tone sketch and a detailed drawing for the texture of feathers?” Although this is rather an involved example, I picked it completely at random to make the point and the answer is a neat double-page spread with three annotated drawings that explain the answer with admirable clarity.

Throughout the book, the emphasis is on practicality, with the illustrations taking pride of place and the text being limited to what’s required to explain what the reader is looking at. On occasions, this will inevitably leave you wanting more but, on the other hand, it also means you never get bogged down in technicalities. If you want to explore a particular topic further, there are other books that will help you. This one just aims to set you on the right road, and succeeds admirably at that.

David & Charles

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