Keith’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists || Keith Fenwick

This series stands or falls, perhaps more than any other, on the quality of its contributors. They don’t have to be great artists and they don’t necessarily have to be the cream of the authors, but what they must have is the ability to present worthwhile ideas simply and in bite-size chunks.

Keith Fenwick has been around on the demonstration circuit for a fair number of years and that’s a good a starting point as any for a book like this because, above all, you need to be able to put the idea across quickly and simply and then move on. If it was warfare, it’d be a fine quality in a sniper.

I actually think this is one of the best books in the series so far, because Keith has all the qualities it requires and he also homes in on things the beginner (and not-so-beginner), actually wants to know, such as how to rescue an ailing painting, how to get the effect of movement in water and how to handle both aerial and linear perspective (even if you’re not sure of the difference between them). There’s lots more, of course, and subjects include skies, clouds, trees, boats and more.

I usually say these books are something to dip into, but I think this one is worth more detailed study because there’s so much in it. Do I think Keith is the best artist who’s ever stalked the planet? No, to be honest, but he’s a heck of a teacher.

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