Start Sketching & Drawing Now || Grant Fuller

I have an immediate problem with this otherwise acceptable primer: the repro’s suspect and the illustrations have an unsharp look to them. This detracts from the book’s message as it’s hard to see the individual pencil lines that are really rather essential. The other problem is that the layout is unnecessarily fussy and the designer seems to have been let loose in a font factory. Some of the headings are really quite difficult to read, and that’s before I’ve got on to the curlicues and the fake antiquing!

Both of these are schoolboy errors that the editor should really have jumped on, as there’s a good mix of subjects and techniques and a reasonable sense of progression that could have made this into a worthwhile introductory course. As it is, I have to recommend that you look elsewhere as it’s not as if there aren’t plenty of similar guides out there.

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