Compendium of Watercolour Techniques || Robin Berry

This collection of short chapters on a variety of watercolour techniques has a pleasant feeling of variety to it. Rather than concentrating on methods of applying paint, as these things so often do, Robin and her co-contributors include a lot of subject-based material as well as looking at topics such as drawing, design and tonal values.

The text takes the form of short, punchy paragraphs and extended captions so that you are led by the illustrations, rather than being given a lot of detailed instruction to follow. Each section is numbered (up to 240) so that you can move around quickly and easily as well as see just how much you’re getting. Some sections, such as Using a Lightbox are no more than a single “you can do this” idea which you can pick up and run with yourself. You can’t help feeling that they’re selling it on the pile-’em-high principle but, as that’s what the book is, there’s really no harm in its wearing its heart on its sleeve.

There’s no particular progression, so this isn’t something you’d buy as a learning aid as such. However, if you want a cornucopia of ideas and tips, then it’s neatly done.

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