Flowers (Drawing Masterclass) || Margaret Eggleton

It comes as a shock to turn the pages of this interesting guide and find a complete lack of colour. Of course there should be a clue in the title, but we’re so accustomed to colour, both in drawing and in the subject, that it just seems to be a given here. The feeling is also emphasised by the fact that the greys (because this is about line and tone) are quite dark and the images therefore quite strong.

Get past that, though, and what you have is a very nicely done and, in terms of both styles and subject matter, very varied little book. Its stumbling point though, I can’t help thinking, is going to be whether anyone is going to think, “Ah just what I wanted” or, because of its rather hard-edged appearance, “But I do quite fancy trying it”.

There’s a lot you can learn from starting with a drawing, rather than reaching immediately for the paint box; you can learn it here, and I recommend you do. I just don’t think the look and feel of the book are going to help me make my point, though.

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