Dreaming From The Journal Page || Melanie Testa

Once upon a time, it was all about scrapbooking. That was a nice idea too, until people started selling packs of things for you to stick in. Suddenly, it wasn’t about serendipity and what took your fancy, it was all about the glue, and life’s not all about glue, is it?

This is a book of ideas for compiling your art journal. Don’t know what an art journal is? Well, shame on you, because it’s anything you want it to be. Above all, it’s about what you create in it. No handy pre-packs, yippeeeee!

“You’ll start with a blank page”. I tell you, nothing gets past our Melanie. Actually, that’s unfair as it’s taken from the back cover and was probably written by a marketing person and, as we all know, marketing people have all the creativity of a Macadamia nut (I’ve checked and Macadamia are the least creative of all the nuts).

I’m sorry. I apologise to you, to Melanie and to the editor of this book, but it’s American and the idea is just so screamingly obvious it’s not hard to have a bit of fun. Plus, it’s been a long day and I’ve been doing serious reviews since, well, since my first cup of coffee and I need a break. You see, it’s only an obvious idea once someone’s told you about it.

I actually think it’s a lovely idea and I want to go right out and buy myself a Strathmore Visual Journal or a Moleskine Sketchbook (must you be so specific?) and get to work. I want to fill it with colours and sketches and shapes and, well anything, that reflects my life, who I am and how I feel about it. And that’s what Melanie wants me to do, too. As I said, what she’s done isn’t my cup of tea and, anyway, my cup of tea’s a double espresso, but that doesn’t matter.

Now that I’ve told you all that, you don’t need this book, do you? You need a journal, so what’s holding you back?

Click the picture to view on Amazon

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