An Introduction to Drawing The Human Body || Giovanni Civardi

You might be forgiven for wondering just how many books one author can wring out of a single subject. I do, and then I’m amazed by how Giovanni manages to come up with a different angle every time, so that I have to recommend the latest title even if I’ve also recommended all the previous ones.

Of all his books, this is perhaps the most comprehensive and the most valuable, both for the beginner and the more experienced artist. As ever, the working method is to concentrate on the illustrations, of which there are hundreds, and to provide explanatory captions where necessary that tell you what to look for, rather than what you’re looking at. In this volume, there are also introductory passages that discuss light, shadow and perspective in pleasantly simple ways.

Figures, both male and female, are shown in a variety of poses, and both nude and clothed. It’s very useful that the clothed and unclothed figures are shown in the same pose so that you can see how the inner structure informs the outer.

Giovanni’s economy of style, both drawn and written, packs an enormous amount into only 112 pages and this is one of the best books on figure drawing I’ve seen.

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