Experimental Landscapes in Watercolour || Ann Blockley

This is very much the companion to Experimental Flowers that appeared three years ago and the logical successor to Watercolour Textures from two years before that.

There’s a clear and developing maturity to Ann’s work that has her producing specific and purposeful images that are the result of careful planning rather than the raw experimentation that the title implies. It’s impossible not to make the comparison with her father’s work, but this, I’d maintain, goes far beyond anything he attempted. We aren’t in the realms of abstraction, but the limits of reality are being tested and explored. Ann is at the height of her powers – or if she isn’t, the next five years or so are going to be something very special indeed.

The paintings here use texture, colour, imprinting, collage and, in fact, anything that makes a mark or creates an image. If you’re in any way aware of the joys of free jazz, this is the drumming of Han Bennink – anything and everything happens, but always in perfect control, pitch and rhythm. It’s not just technically impressive, but creatively so as well.

So, I’m going to stick my neck out here. This is a book you have to buy. I don’t care what you give up so that you can have it, it’ll be worth the sacrifice. It’s on another plane.

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  1. #1 by Elisabeth on September 15, 2014 - 10:50 am

    Ann Blockley is a great artist, I have all her books. Her use of colour and knowledge of the WC techniques are totally intriguing and inspiring. You keep going back to the book to be enchanted and inspired!

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