Ideas & Inspirations for Art Journals & Sketchbooks || Suzanne McNeill

I found myself captivated by this book for reasons I can’t fully understand. The content is a bit naïve and slightly childish and the idea, well, pretty obvious really. The blurb tells me that “an art journal is like an illustrated diary – it’s personal and no two are alike. There really are no rules for art journaling.” Right, that’s that, then. Thanks. But it adds, “Get inspired by the contents of this book” and that’s the thing, I do. There’s no ground being broken here, no insights and yet I really do feel that this is an idea I could run with. I want the finest art journals known to man, and I want them here and I want them now.

It was actually the Maps and Memories section that drew me in. It’s a simple idea for creating a record of a trip or a vacation – this is an American book and the content is definitely that side of the Atlantic. Yes, of course I don’t need anyone to tell me how to do it, but the ideas are colourful – a word that well describes the whole book. Some of the rest is aimed at a younger audience and I think that, when I’ve been inspired enough, it’s one I’d pass on, but gladly.

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