James Dickson Innes 1887 – 1914 || John Hoole & Margaret Simons

James Dickson Innes was a prolific painter mostly of Post-Impressionist landscapes of Wales. He also made several trips abroad, notably to Collioure in France. His career was cut short by his death from tuberculosis at the age of 27, but in spite of that, his style matured early and his images provide a strong sense of place and atmosphere.

This volume provides not only an overview of Innes’ life and work, but also a complete catalogue of all his known paintings. It also relates his output to that of his friends and collaborators, Derwent Lees, Albert Rutherston, John Fothergill and Augustus John.

John Hoole also reports attempts to find the exact locations of some of Innes’s paintings, but being unable to pin them down, concludes that Innes painted the spirit of the scene rather than its exact details.

James Dickson Innes was an important figure, albeit briefly, at the turn of the century and it does not help that his death, coinciding as it did with the outbreak of the first world war, was not remarked as it might have been.

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