Cornelia Parker || Iwona Blazwick

This is an early paperback reissue of a comprehensive review of the artist’s work that first appeared last year.

Cornelia Parker works mainly with sculpture and installation and her pieces are challenging, both visually and conceptually, demanding of the viewer that they re-evaluate what are often familiar objects, but seen in a different scale of form, or from a different perspective. There is, however, also a sense of fun (as in Moon Lands on Jupiter), with humour being used to highlight, rather than obscure, a serious message.

Parker is probably most famous – or, at least, most in the public consciousness – for her flattened musical instruments, which also most simply characterise all these aspects of her work. Typically, an everyday object is transformed by a straightforward and easily-understood process into another dimension, becoming both something and nothing (a sort of representative abstraction) at the same time.

This is a substantial and thoroughly-illustrated book that takes the reader on a tour through Cornelia’s work. Some of the illustrations are, perhaps, rather small, but that’s inevitable when so much material is included, and the ones that matter most are generously-sized.

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