Just Paint It! || Sam Piyasena & Beverly Philp

This is the companion to Just Draw It! that I liked a lot last year. It subtitles itself “The world’s most enjoyable painting course. Ever.” which is, I think, a tall claim and one it’ll only live up to if you like your art a bit, well, funky.

As before, there’s a lot here and it’s all very colourful, creative and varied. Conventional, though, it’s not and you’ll either find that frustrating or a breath of fresh air. What you see on the cover is entirely typical.

The approach and the text are as sound as a bell, however. The explanations of form, light & shade, colour composition, texture, etc are as good as any: concise, clear and amply and relevantly illustrated. It’s the style of the illustrations you may stumble over.

None of this is a criticism. The book itself is excellent, but it’s not going to appeal to everyone (did anything, ever?). If you like it, you’ll agree with that subtitle billing. If you don’t, I’d still say it’s worth a bit of effort, though.

You see, I’m warming to it already!

Click the picture to view on Amazon

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