Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques || Gill Barron

The subtitle promises “300 tips, techniques and trade secrets”. If I was being pedantic, I’d take issue with that last bit – are there really any “trade secrets” left to acrylic painting? I know, a list of three things looks better and the alliteration is irresistible. And anyway, you do get 300 very good ideas, some of which you’ll know, many of which may be new.

This is one of those portmanteau books that throws a lot of stuff into an overnight bag and heads for a thoroughly good weekend away. It packs for all weathers and occasions and is as happy tramping the hills in a rainstorm as it is rocking it up in a ballgown at a five star hotel in the evening. It might even shove in a little je ne sais quoi in case it gets lucky. Some of the ideas are simple: Make a mahl-stick; some more adventurous: Using tone in context – for instance (I’ve given up on the travel metaphor now, let’s not milk it).

It’s one of those books to have on the shelf and pull down when you just want something not too demanding to browse. Maybe you don’t want to make a mahl-stick, maybe you’ve got glazing off to a T, but there’s loads to ingest and enjoy, nothing’s too long (some tips come four to a page) and there are bags of illustrations. You might find something new, you might get some ideas or you might simply find your creative juices refreshed. I can guarantee you won’t be bored or disappointed, though.

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