Daily Painting || Carol Marine

Oh, I do like American subtitles! This one is “Paint small and often to become a more creative, productive and successful artist”. It’s the label on the tin, so all we have to ask is, does it do what it says?

The idea is a perfect one. Don’t be put off by the feeling of a need for size or elaboration, just get down to it. It’s a stage on from those “painting for people who are too busy to paint” books that get me shouting at the screen (aren’t you glad this isn’t a vlog? – I know I am). This one doesn’t imply you don’t have to set some time aside for your hobby, just that you don’t have to set a whole day aside, or not do it because you can’t. I’m warming to Carol and I haven’t even opened the book yet.

OK, the tin thing. Tick. The book is full of, I’d say concise rather than short, lessons that cover all the basics, and subjects from landscape to still life and portraiture. It’s not a structured course as such, so there’s a bit of jumping about, which is all good exercise and keeps the mind alert and interested. You could get quite a lot from the book by just opening it at random and let serendipity take you where it will.

The only thing I would say is that most of the examples are in oils (despite the back cover bullet-point about becoming confident in any medium). The principles are the same and oils are actually simpler than watercolour, but I do know how some people struggle to translate from one medium to another – though that’s also understandable if you’re building up your basic confidence. Despite that semi-reservation, it’s still a good book and I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

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