The Green Fingers of Monsieur Monet || Giancarlo Ascari & Pia Valentinis

This simple, charming and remarkably informative book tells the story of Monet’s obsession (I don’t think that’s too strong a word) with his garden. It does so in pictures and very few words and is aimed at children, though is something that’s probably best appreciated in the company of a parent or grandparent. It’s a joy to be shared.

As well as plenty of pictures of Monet at work and play, the book also manages to tell the story of the garden, of Monet’s art and of the early years of the Twentieth Century, including the First World War. It concludes with a one-page summary of Monet’s life that will satisfy the general reader, but also be enough to pique the curiosity of younger ones and, it’s to be hoped, encourage them to spread their wings and discover more about Monet, Impressionism and art in general.

Published by no less august an institution than the Royal Academy, this is authoritative and entertaining and is beautifully produced. My own granddaughter is only a few months old, so too young for it yet. The highest praise I can give it is to say I can’t wait for when I can introduce her to it.

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