Pride & Preju-Knits || Trixie von Purl

As fans of both Jane Austen and knitting, we found this book an absolute delight. It is packed full of thoughtful and ingenious knitting projects and every time you look through its pages you will stumble across something you haven’t spotted before – whether it’s a pianoforte or a picnic basket. If the idea appeals, you’ll be pleased to find that this isn’t something that will only occupy you for a weekend. There’s so much detail, and so many projects, that you could probably keep yourself busy for a year,

The temptation is to dive straight in – but be warned: this is not a book for the faint-hearted and is likely to leave the novice knitter stumped. You’ll need a lot of technical skill, especially for the dolls themselves, and a lot of equipment. For the skilled knitter, this is a book that will offer you many enjoyable and rewarding projects but is challenging enough to last a long time. We are both reasonably competent knitters, but found some of the instructions hard to follow and are still not quite sure if there’s an error in the hem of one of Elizabeth Bennett’s dresses. If you find that you don’t have the necessary skills, this book will be frustrating, but don’t be too quick to cast it aside. It is likely to serve as an inspiration and will give you the motivation to learn the necessary techniques.

Nevertheless, whatever the outcome, this is still a book that’s full of delights and we can see ourselves, even if not working through from cover to cover, at least having a few of the characters by our side when we re-read the books.


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