Pop Art || Thomas Böhler

If you want to tick the retro box and are into what seems to be a minor vogue for imitation, you’ll love this. And I’m sorry if that sounds like faint praise, because it isn’t meant to be. This is going to have a very definite audience and I can’t help feeling it’s something you’re either going to want the moment you see it, or never want to see again.

But let’s concentrate on the positives. Pop art is about bright colours, usually counted in single figures in one image. The Coke bottle (cautiously labelled “cola”) in blue on an orange background instantly references Andy Warhol’s soup can, and the author openly acknowledges this. There are other striking images, most of whose influences you’ll recognise even if you can’t immediately place them.

This is a slim, inexpensive volume that won’t tax either your wallet or your time. The author has had the good sense to accept that most people will approach this subject as a piece of fun, neither needing nor wanting and in-depth study. Pop art was about the throw-away society and didn’t expect you to spend time on it, so the book is entirely consistent in reflecting that. It’s striking, easy to follow and exactly as much fun as it needs and is intended to be.

Click the picture to view on Amazon

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