Crime And The Art Market || Riah Pryor

Who doesn’t like a good mystery?. The shady figure on the cover of this serious, but accessible and informative study, promises intrigue at the highest level!

Riah Pryor, an investigative journalist who has also worked at both The Art Paper and Scotland Yard’s Art and Antiques Unit, has an impeccable pedigree that promises sound inside information and understanding.

Art crime is big business and has been going on, in one form or another, since people started being able to carry their works with them. It is also something that is under most people’s radar – after all the art most of us have on the wall won’t attract international masterminds and some may even be a crime in itself! Art crime is not victimless, though, because someone has to pick up the tab and important works may be damaged or disappear from view for lengthy periods. Art is also often used to finance other activities, or as collateral for other shady deals. A lost Old Master may not impact on your daily life, but the activities that surround it may well do so.

This relatively short book is commendably free from jargon and the sort of detail that’s only of interest to the specialist. If you want to lift the lid on what can be a very shady world indeed, it’s a compelling read.

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