Terry Harrison’s Watercolour Secrets

If there was ever a book you’d been eagerly awaiting, this is it. Subtitled “a lifetime of painting techniques”, this absolutely lives up to expectations and won’t disappoint.

Over 170 secrets are promised, and this means that some of them are crammed 4 to a page, but you’re never sold short and, to pick one at random, you get everything you need to know about painting a winter tree in one picture and four lines of text. When more space is required in, for instance, Creating a Sunset Using Glazing, a whole spread is given over to it. Some of the tips involve Terry’s own range of brushes, but let’s give him a break on that. Quite a few artists have their own ranges, but Terry’s have been around longer than most and you don’t get that degree of longevity without repeat sales and you don’t get those if the product isn’t any good. Like everything else with Terry: take notice.

Terry is a generous teacher and doesn’t have those little tricks he keeps all to himself and somehow manages to gloss over even in the most complete demonstrations – this is one of the chief keys to his popularity. He is also one of the best explainers around and this is also the key to so much being crammed into these 128 pages. He doesn’t just understand what he’s doing, he also understands the exact bits you’ll have trouble understanding and how to make them clear.

All this would be a mess, of course, without careful organisation and the book is nicely grouped by subject so that you can use the contents list to find what you need quickly. I’d also bet that you want to read the whole thing, though. It invites immersion.

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