Draw – a graphic guide to life drawing || David Hedderman

I’m finding this more than a little confusing. The subtitle makes it sound interesting, but, drawing being graphic anyway, I was expecting something innovative – or at least different in a positive way.

The difficulties start out with the, to me, unnecessarily small format. Small is never good in art books because it immediately limits the size of the illustrations and some (too many) of these are so small as to be hard to interpret. The author’s style and the production don’t help either. Shades of black are never easy to see, and even less so when they’re against a dark background – often olive green – that seems to have been added by the designer rather than simply being the paper the image was drawn on.

It’s all the more of a shame because, when you do get to something that’s easily visible, it’s clear that David is actually very good and has some useful ideas. This is not a structured course, but rather something to dip into on a section-by-section basis, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even at the relatively low price, though, I’m not sure there’s enough of that to make it worthwhile. It just seems mannered for the sake of being mannered.

Click the picture to view on Amazon

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