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A lot of books are published about art and painting, but there’s never really been one place where you can find them without trawling through a lot of other unrelated stuff. Artbookreview aims to put that right.

All the reviews here represent our own opinion and are intended for guidance only. No warranty of any kind is given that any item reviewed is suitable for any particular purpose. If you spot a factual error, please use the button at the top of the page to submit corrections. However, we don’t make anything significant out of this site, so please don’t email us to tell us you disagree with our review: we just don’t have time to reply to a lot of correspondence. Sorry!

All the items reviewed will have a buying link and you’ll find information on pricing and availability there. The price, if quoted in the review, is the publisher’s list price. Not everything will always be available due to reprint schedules and such like. Because availability status changes all the time, we’ve made no attempt to keep such things up to date here.

As well as the buying link, we’ve included a set of categories to help you browse the site and find more like what you’re currently looking at. There’s no subscription and please feel free to hang around and come back as often as you like. If you click the “Buy it” link or the picture, we get a small commission which helps to cover our costs, so do please do this whenever possible – thanks.

All material on this site is copyright Henry Malt. Publishers with books reviewed are invited to link to the site. If you wish to quote from any material on the site, permission must be obtained first.

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