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Draw Animals with expression and personality || Anja Dahl

Any book that sets out to teach you how to draw animals in just 64 pages is being wildly optimistic. The variety of species alone makes the task virtually impossible. However, Anja Dahl manages to make a pretty good fist of it and certainly won’t leave you disappointed.

The introductory section on materials and techniques also looks at how to capture fur and feather, but it is quite short and this is an area you may feel you want to supplement. The rest of the book is devoted to a series of short lessons covering dogs, cats, birds and horses. Each section is necessarily quite short and works from a photograph to the finished drawing in only two or three pages. If you’re looking for extensive demonstrations, you won’t find them here.

Overall, as a basic introduction, this is fine, but I can’t help thinking you’re going to need to do quite a lot more reading if you really want to develop your skills.

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