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Daring Colour: Mix And Mingle Watercolour On Your Paper || Anne Abgott

You could just as easily call this book Simplifying Watercolour; indeed, you could give it quite a lot of other titles and still do justice to the contents.

What it’s about, in the main, is not overdoing the colour scheme in your paintings, but rather working with a complementary palette that builds around a scheme based on one main colour. In Anne’s really rather skilled hands, this comes down to a course in painting a huge variety of subjects (and, unlike a lot of authors she doesn’t seem to have one strength marred by a lot of weaknesses in this area) and in handling them in a straightforward and uncluttered way.

If I have a gripe (don’t I always?), it’s that the word “mingle” is overdone. Oh, come on, it’s in the title. Yes, I know and it’s an attention-getting idea that someone seems to have felt the need to work into just about every chapter heading. Just for the record, mingling differs from mixing because different shades and hues are allowed to run into each other on the paper rather than being combined on the palette. I just thought you should know that.

OK, clever bit over. This is an original and refreshing approach to watercolour painting, something that’s not easy to achieve these days and a book which I defy any reader of any level of ability not to learn something from.

North Light 2007


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