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Drawing & Painting Mermaids || Elaine Hamer

This beautifully produced book even arrived with a band round it to make sure it came in perfect condition. There’s no doubt that it’s been a labour of love, but my immediate question is why this treatment (I’ve never seen it before, at least, not on a review copy) has been reserved for a book on mermaids. I mean, it’s an eighteen quid hardback, which rather suggests the publisher believes there’s a huge and enthusiastic market out there. I know fantasy art is popular, but they haven’t done this with any of their other titles, so why this one?

There’s no doubting the quality of the work or the production here and the book is utterly comprehensive and I must admit I do love it because it’s so good just as a book. I’m also quite sure that, if what you’ve been looking for is a book on mermaids, this is going to be the definitive one. I’d really like to say that it could help you just with figure drawing, but the truth is it’s so locked up in its subject that you’d have to strip away so many layers that this aspect isn’t really an option.

I’m going to recommend this, even though I don’t know anything about the subject, because it just feels so good.

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Fantasy Art in Watercolour || Paul Bryn Davies, Rebecca Balchin & Elaine Hamer

I don’t normally review bind-ups; after all, I’ve been there and done it already and, in theory at least, I’ve said all I have to say.

However, they’ve caught me on the hop here because, although there are four books that have appeared previously, they’ve added 8 tracings in the manner of the Ready to Paint series and that adds something. Admittedly, without that context of the step-by-step guides that go with the dedicated series, this is somewhat limited, but does mean that you get rather more than you did with the original separate titles.

As a guide to four of the main subjects of fantasy art, this sits well and covers a lot of ground. I’m sure that, without the tracings, it’d have come in at £12.99, which would be an unbeatable price. At £14.99 it’s still good value, but it’s just dipping a toe into the maybe-a-bit-pricey.

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