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Watercolour Landscapes (How to Paint) || Gwen Scott

Gosh. Look, stop reading this and nip over to those nice Amazon people and place your order now! In just 64 pages, Gwen Scott, a new author to me, has managed to come up with one of the best books around on this very well-covered subject. Even though it’s pitched at the beginner, I’d have no hesitation in recommending it to someone who’s got a bit further than the basics.

The first half of the book is inevitably taken up with the technical introduction, but the section on basic techniques gives a clue to how well thought-out the whole book is and has examples, such as how to paint leaves in the wet-in-wet spread, that are just breathtaking in their clarity and simplicity. Follow that with sections on colour, composition and a wonderful guide to painting skies and you’d be happy if the book stopped there, but it doesn’t and the Old Cottage and Autumn Lane demonstrations that follow manage to include a huge number of the main elements of landscape painting. If I have a quibble, I suppose it’s that open landscapes are a bit thin on the ground, but come on, what do you want – everything for less than a tenner? Gimme strength!

I don’t often gush, but if Search Press don’t sign Gwen up for another book pronto, they need their heads examined.

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