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The Coloured Pencil Artist’s Drawing Bible || Jane Strother

Coloured pencils have always been the Cinderella of art materials. They’re the things we give children, that we buy cheaply by the box because they don’t make too much mess and they don’t require hours of preparation and cleaning up afterwards (the pencils; children do that all by themselves). So we put them aside when we grow up and become Proper Artists and move on to the serious matter of oils and watercolours. And maybe pastels.

Graphic designers are not so constrained, however. Having a job to do, they’ll use any tool that gets it done and they have driven the development of ranges of artist and designer quality pencils that can hold their head up with any other medium. And that has, in its turn, spawned the occasional book that shows you just what you can achieve if you just believe.

Put all these innovative ideas together with a proven and excellent series and you have the perfect guide for both the beginner and more experienced artist alike.

Search Press 2008

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