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Calligraphy Alphabets For Beginners || Mary Noble & Janet Mehigan

There’s no shortage of letterform guides for aspiring calligraphers, so you might ask whether the world really needs another one. Stop right there, because this is the one that renders all the others obsolete!

Although it’s not published as part of the Artist’s Bible series, this well thought out little book is in the same format, with spiral binding that lays flat without having to be weighted down and pages that are designed to be viewed as a set of spreads. This layout has proved to be the answer to a great many subjects and media and this is no different.

The authors give is a generous selection of alphabets including Uncial, Roman, Carolingian, Copperplate and Gothic and they also include a short guide to basic working methods and some advice on choosing which letterforms to use for a given job. This section is concise and isn’t intended to supplant a general guide to calligraphy, allowing the book to concentrate on its main job, which is to show the reader how to form the letters they actually want to use.

For clarity, attention to detail and not being diverted from the avowed purpose of the book, you’d have to give this 12 out of 10.

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