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Venice: a watercolour journey || P L Hobbs

Venice is one of the most visited, photographed and painted places in the world. This, however, is a bit more than just another tourist souvenir.

Phil Hobbs has been visiting the city for over twenty years and paints not just the grand vistas, but also the forgotten corners and the people who live there, as well as those who come to stand and stare. The result is a vibrant portrait of a living entity that captures the sense of place to perfection. Anecdotes and historical snippets add to the life and vibrancy that leap off the pages.

Phil’s style is fairly conventional loose(ish) watercolour, but he also varies it subtly so that there are more washes when atmosphere is key and it becomes a little tighter when detail is important. People are identifiable as individuals rather than simple place-holding blobs.

If you’re a lover of watercolour and of Venice, this is a book you’ll really want. It’s almost a visit in itself.

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