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Oil/Pastel Painting Step-by-Step

Search Press have re-reissued these compilations of their Leisure Arts series of short books, originating form 1999-2004. Age is not necessarily a barrier to usefulness and these were always sound guides that offered simple advice clearly presented.

The problem with older books, though, can be that the quality of reproduction doesn’t compare well with what can be achieved today. However, there are no problems here – whether a particularly good job was done in the first place, or there has been some re-originating, I can’t say, but there are no complaints on that score. The results are therefore stonkingly good value at under a tenner each.

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Pastel Painting Step by Step || Margaret Evans, Paul Hardy and Peter Coombs

This is another re-working of the old Leisure Arts series from Search Press and proves that it was an excellent series that deserves a new outing.

For a mere £12.99, you get four books in one: Peter Coombs’ introduction, Paul Hardy on Landscapes and on Light and Margaret Evans on Flowers.

My only quibble, in the form of a warning, is that the Peter Coombs book is also available on its own in the Art Handbooks series, which is appearing at the same time as this bind-up. I have no objection to publishers re-issuing or re-working old material, in fact I think it’s a valuable way of keeping good books fresh, but to put the same thing out in different formats at the same time is just a little bit naughty, imho.

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