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The Art Of The Printmaker 1500-1860 || Roger Baynton-Williams

This sumptuous and quite modestly priced volume is going to delight anyone who has any interest in printmaking. If you’re more of a dilettante, then there’s a good mix of things you recognise and things that are new. If you’ve already developed an interest, then you’ll enjoy the well-selected collection of illustrations and the excellent coverage of both history and technique that accompanies it.

I think it’s fair to say that someone with an extensive knowledge of the history of printmaking isn’t going to find much here that they don’t know already, but this is not meant to be a definitive book. Rather, it’s an accessible guide that takes the reader beyond the primer stage and leads them to a greater understanding of the period covered (and that’s important because this is not something that attempts to look at contemporary printmaking, which is a whole subject in its own right). The very best compliment I can pay it is to say that, as what I believe to be its target audience, I absolutely love it. The quality of the reproduction, as you’d expect from Black’s, is stunning.

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