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Zendoodle || Susanne Schaadt

I’m reviewing this because I really don’t have a clue what it is! That sounds like the most terrible start, but it’s piqued my curiosity, which probably means it’s got something.

The basic idea is that you take recognisable forms – plants, buildings, butterflies and so on – and add patterns to them. At first I thought it was an extension of adult colouring which, I’m sorry, leaves me absolutely cold, and that’s not something I welcome with the onset of autumn. It’s not, though, and the subtitle gives you a clue as to what the idea is: Meditative drawing to calm your inner self. So, pretty new-age-y then. I love Zen, it can mean anything you want it to. Actually, that’s part of the point and anything that starts your mind thinking about something else so that it can have its reasons, its homeland and thoughts of its own (to quote the Grateful Dead, one of the most head-expanding bands there’s been). I am, after all, a great fan of staring into space and it’s how a lot of these reviews start. I need a tabula rasa where my thoughts can start to take shape. Just reading the books ain’t enough. Oh, no.

Anyway, where were we? (You see, it’s working) Ah, yes, the idea of using repetitive patterns as a method of meditating. Well, if it works, go for it. I get the idea, which I think is what the book’s all about.

PS. I’ve done a bit more research and, apparently, Zendoodling is a thing. Well I never! (No, really, I never).

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