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Sculpting in Copper || Jim Pratt & Sue White-Oakes

Copper was one of the earliest metals known to man and has been in use for over 4000 years.

Although this is part of a series called Basics of Sculpture, there is nothing elementary about the projects that make up the bulk of this book, although the instructions, explanations and illustrations are excellent and reasonably easy to follow. It would probably be advisable to have had some experience of metalworking before embarking on the rather beautiful owl that features in chapter 6! That said, the introduction to Materials, Methods and Tools is admirably clear and could almost certainly get you soldering, for example, with no other form of instruction. As heat, gas flames and quite heavy tools are involved, a small health and safety warning is probably desirable here – do please make sure you know what you’re doing and what you’re doing it with!

Blacks are absolute masters of this kind of thing and not afraid to price according to quality, which is quite the right thing in a book of this nature.

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Sculpting In Stone || John Valentine

This is an attractively produced book that’s likely to appeal to anyone who has an interest in sculpture, whether as a viewer, consumer or practitioner.

One tends to assume that a subject like this is not something that beginners learn from books, but the examples illustrated, the clarity of both the text and the colour photographs (easily up to Black’s usual high standard) just make you want to find some tools and have a go. The back-cover blurb announces this as part of a new series and, if subsequent volumes are anything like this, they could build up into a very handy reference library indeed. A variety of styles and subjects are included are there’s work from several different contemporary sculptors resulting in there being a great deal crammed into a mere 96 pages. At £19.99, it’s isn’t cheap, but Black’s don’t compromise quality for price and it’s worth every penny.

A&C Black 2007

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