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Ceramic Jewellery || Joy Bosworth

This handy and well-illustrated guide packs a lot into a small space and introduces the design and manufacture of the increasingly popular form of ceramic jewellery. Joy Bosworth covers the whole gamut from the original concept and looks at moulding and firing as well as tools and fittings and the practicalities of simply putting a piece together. With illustrations covering both the practical and aesthetic aspects of jewellery and also showing work by and international range of artists, this is thoroughly comprehensive.

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Low-firing and Burnishing || Sumi von Dassow

This handy and not over-complicated guide explains the techniques of firing at low temperatures without using glazes. It’s thoroughly illustrated both with technical photographs of the various stages of the process and also with examples of work by many different contemporary practitioners.

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Wall Pieces || Dominique Bivar Segurado

The use of clay for wall spaces is becoming increasingly fashionable amongst architects and decorators and this handy introduction to some of the methods and techniques involved is timely. The author looks at methods of production and installation as well as creative aspects of the process and reviews the work of some contemporary practitioners in the field.

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Dry Glazes || Jeremy Jernegan

This relatively technical little handbook should form an ideal reference for ceramicists who want to be able to quickly access information about the wide variety of glazes available to them. Arranged by type and illustrated with colour swatches as well as photographs of finished pieces, it is a valuable resource that describes the properties and use of different types of glaze as well as listing a variety of formulae for different colours and textures.

Reasonably priced and concise rather than exhaustively encyclopaedic in its coverage, this is a handy and accessible source of reference.

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